Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Opening New Doors

Tomorrow we return to Taos. We have been in Cottonwood Arizona for a week but it seems much longer. This afternoon I stood on the porch of our friend's house and felt the subtle turn in the air that comes with autumn. Each year there is a particular day that marks the change. Usually in late August. It is soft, deep shadowed and clear but all seems to stand still a moment before sliding slowly over the edge of summer. Perhaps that's why we call it fall.

Standing Deer played at 15.Quince with Blues Man John Carey on Saturday. I typed "Saturnday"  first and then corrected it. But perhaps it was a Freudian slip. Astrologically, Saturn is a task master and character builder which means that you have to watch your P's and Q's or you will fall face first on your mistakes. There is little compassion for human error during a Saturn aspect. I am not complaining just warning myself that the ego with its hopes and expectations will likely be overruled.
I decided to check on current planetary aspects and discovered that Pluto is squaring Saturn and Saturn is squaring Mars. Squares tend to be difficult aspects and these are intense planetary energies. Intuition already told me this, but it helps to validate my suspicions. Good and bad are always buddies and work together in the process of creation while we would like to keep them sorted into separate boxes.

Here are current aspects according to my astrology program. It's a mixed bag for sure. These are personal except for the Saturn squaring Mars and Pluto and are trying aspects with little tolerance for self deception and human foibles. Some time ago I noticed that once we place ourselves on a spiritual path and gain some self knowledge we aren't allowed to get away with our old shit. I believe this applies to our species as well.

Saturn Trine Moon A good time, when your efforts really pay off and things seem to run smoothly. Now you have an ability for sustained work that allows you to coordinate and organize like never before. Bring to fruition uncompleted tasks or character development. 

 Saturn Square Mars Not an easy period for most of us. Events conspire to work against our own ambition and drive, bringing obstacles and slowing progress to a halt. Easy to overdo, strain, and explode under these aspects, so take it easy. Bide your time. 

Saturn Trine Jupiter Outer circumstances and the flow of events make it easy for you to make clear decisions, see the road ahead, and move forward. Things seem to fall in place, and progress is easy. Be careful not to overextend or bite off more than you can chew. 

Saturn Square Pluto Not an easy time unless you like walking on eggs. Outer events could manage to challenge you at every turn by bringing up very sensitive issues, one after another. You may have to move ever so gently and with patience to avoid explosions and anger.
I sold two paintings, and that was good.  The gig went well although there were many trip-ups along the way and the rest of the month requires some serious effort. I started a new Facebook page for Medicine Bird and my instincts tell me that opening new pages is just what we need to do. The past is worn out and falling back onto old solutions won't work anymore. The future is a blank page. Scarey but fascinating.

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