Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Weather is definitely different this year. March was very mild and still. The leaves began unfolding, fruit trees bloomed and in general, it seemed much like two weeks into April. Today on April 2, the wind is ferociously blowing dust and propelling tumbleweeds across the road then to collect against our fence.  We ran a number of errands and PQ’s lungs nearly closed up from the wind but at least we had one month relatively free of wind. As I remember last year, the wind began in January and blew nonstop all the way through June.

Weather is changing, becoming more extreme in many places and the social weather is also extreme. It seems that the news each day contains more violence that is senseless. The weak links in the human chain are giving way. Social and spiritual disorder seems to bring out both the best and worst in the human psyche. I’m willing to take the changes predicted for 2013 and beyond seriously. It seems that we are moving into the tunnel toward a different kind of time.
Full of blossoms this spring, the tree is happy to be free.

April 5, 2015

I wrote the above last week and didn’t get time to finish it. This morning is Easter Sunday and the Sun is shining. At precisely 10:00 am, the wind picked up as it usually does on spring days but my mood is ecstatic anyway. Life is beautiful even when I don’t understand the bigger plan. I was reading and meditating this morning as I usually do facing a painting I did a long time ago depicting the spirit of the Sun with a crown of the Seven Sisters ( Pleiades) shining on a group of seven spirit elders. For some reason this morning, it shined on me personally. I was simultaneously inspired and aware of how much I can’t see or understand of an unimaginably vast creation always in process. The reality of living in what seems like a small dark room with one brilliant light shining from a tiny crack was absolutely real and yet I felt very thankful for that tiny crack and the miracle of light.

PQ’s son Corey moved out of our second bedroom and into his new home last night. He was so euphoric to have this place of his own that it changed our whole house. His new home is actually a one-room adobe casita with a fenced yard for Mini his dog. We saw it a few days ago and it is lovely; a great kitchen with new appliances, a wood stove in the living room and a portal for summer lounging. It is near my old neighborhood rich with trees and green grass. I woke up this morning and our house was entirely changed. Everything was reborn, a perfect Easter experience.  The cats were visibly happy not to be sharing their home with a dog who tried to chase them whenever they were outside. Their relief was obvious as they strolled confidently through the yard where Mini used to spend her days.

Then another reality interferes in the afternoon as the world goes dark. Kit Carson Electric has another outage. I hoped it would be short because I wanted to see the Sunday evening lineup on PBS. It was not to be and the electricity didn't come on until 2:30 am. This has happened many times, and the story is always the same, a corrupt underground line has broken and it is always for this particular cul-de-sac. Our neighbors in the next block are not affected. I wasn't going to let the trickster ruin my evening. PQ and I sat quietly in candle light until almost twelve and then went to bed. The darkness became very soft inside and outside the full moon covered everything in blue light. Not a bad day’s end after all.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Creation, personal and cosmic is happening continuously. Destruction due to squeeze hearted fear based hatred can never defeat the creative process because its sum is zero. Yet, dark fear provides a necessary contrast to the light of creative love, the glue of everything. Over the past year, I feel that in human time, I crossed over into the realm of old age but the major change has been that I’m not so interested in plans. I probably won’t do most of the things that I wanted desperately to do a few decades ago and some just last year but the present has become the great adventure, anything else is frosting. I feel enlightened like this about half the time now. It’s a welcome trade-off for the past. On my unenlightened days, I collect material for the next insight.