Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Are we on the outer edge of a cosmic twister? Our life here in Taos is going on as usual but there is a feeling of unreality about it, or maybe the reality has changed and we haven’t caught up. When our connection to Arizona came to an end a year ago or at least to a long hiatus, it struck me as the perfect storm for us, and even more for the friend we stayed with in Cottonwood. However, a perfect storm is not just awe-inspiring bad luck; it turns life inside out and demands that we operate on unfamiliar terrain. Here again, the essential Hermetic maxim applies—“As above, so below.”

Donald Trump is getting virtually all the news commentary at this time.  In fact, as I write PQ is listening to some commentators attempting to reason out what happened to get us where we are and what might happen next, making my concentration on this blog very difficult (isn’t that a great symbol). Actually, this confused news is a practical metaphor for the present state of our non-union and is this not the main effect of a big storm of any kind?  When everything considered normal is tumbling about, people focus on immediate survival. Yet humans have an internal compulsion to understand and always struggle to make sense of the nonsensical, or more accurately, whatever is operating above their understanding. It is a moment-by-moment situation that blinds the unwilling participant to the larger world and its usual everyday routines let alone any long-term plans further out than the next moment. Perhaps we are in a kind of cosmic washing machine. Presently, we are on “soft wash”, but I’m not in denial that it won’t be enough to clean away the dirt and then the cosmic washing machine will be reset to “deep clean”.
Sunset augmented by California Fires

Even nature is having a fit. One side of this country seems to be burning up while the other side is drowning. Here in the middle, we are having a very dry year. The big trees are dying while the grass remains yellow.  Mother Nature is trying to tell us who is really in charge and we merely convert her messages into food for the nightly news.

Even small changes have ripples that extend far out into the universe. Of course, this means that any ripples out there come back to us as well. This is the underlying process that astrology is based on. Our little minds can’t imagine the actual complexity of influences both local and cosmic, so we read one system to get a sense of what the big picture might be, and of course, the reading is only as good as the competence of the interpreter.  I’ve learned that I’m actually better at reading in hindsight than predicting the future.  Unfortunately, we tend to imagine the future by transposing over it past experiences. Incidentally, this brings up an old memory from the pre-digital days. I accidentally loaded my camera with a film that was already full. The effect was actually pretty interesting. It placed my backyard in the Redwood forest of California. Maybe something comparable is happening at this time, and we just don’t recognize it.

To understand this life and its nature we need kaleidoscopic vision.  The pattern is constantly changing and we really have no control over the next turn. The only control we have is our response because within this kaleidoscope, all the little pieces are alive.  Chaos doesn’t rule it’s just another turn in the dial of the cosmic kaleidoscope. The other side of the Hermetic maxim is “As below, so above”.

Okay, I think I’m in as deep as I can go right now. I’m starting to get dizzy. Therefore, I’ll pull myself back from the cosmos into this tiny world I’m living in.  For sure, it is all I aspire to master right now. Even that may be a bit beyond my grasp, remember my lifetime issue with the Monkey Bars—I’ve made it to another rung but it’s still a long way to the top.