Sunday, February 6, 2011

Red Rock Blessing - PQ's Birthday

We (Pba-Quen-ee-e,i.e. Standing Deer and I) recently returned from Sedona and Cottonwood Arizona. We truly miss being there even though we love Taos, and still have hopes of someday having a home in both places. Sedona/Cottonwood is our place of regeneration and inspiration. Taos is intense, and we have personal karma and purpose here but I sense that our stay in Arizona last year opened new doors of love and spiritual growth. On Standing Deer's birthday this year we went hiking on one of his favorite trails between Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock. He sat on a marker to catch a breath just as a man approached from the other direction. The man stopped, pointed to PQ's drum and pulled out a Native American flute. The two of them began improvising together. Two songs and then the man nodded and walked on down the trail. Not a word was exchanged. It was a beautiful synchronistic moment. I took a short video of the encounter. Everything seemed light and magical that day.

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