Tuesday, July 4, 2023


I write in my journal every day, but it has been a struggle to leave the world of inner exploration to remake my place in the outer world.  Actually, one of my earlier identities is rising to the top after a long absence. So much to sort out, but my greatest desire is to find the bridge to my new life. It is rising out of another life time, and is surprising me.

I don’t believe God once created our world or its celestial environment. The longer I live and contemplate our earthly situation, the more obvious it seems that we are constantly bubbling in a pot of divine alchemical elixir. Perhaps the cosmos is expanding constantly, but what does that mean when we are just tiny electrons orbiting the nucleus of a minute atom, reiterated again and again and again. Our human beliefs and actions inspired by previous beliefs will change constantly as the cosmos expands both within and without. But how can we compare expansion when we earth beings continually expand in tandem with our evolving cosmos.  In a hologram, expansion is only revealed by the continuous display of more and finer details within the form. I believe that it is the multi-faceted details that reveal the infinite design of the cosmic artist.

Energy is a mysterious force that we experience and use every day, but we can’t see it, only witness its effects, and then trace it back to the event where we experienced the effect. God is a loaded word that elicits fear, fascination, hope, suspicion, and doubt, but I regard all of those experiences as the result of an effect that reveals itself to be as mysterious and ineffable as energy. Or could it be that energy is also a primary attribute of God. I’ll attempt to describe my current version of the God experience.

God occurs both within and without this entity we experience as self. God is the background, energy source, and mystery that exists on both sides of the boundary between knowing and yearning to know. God is a short word for the continuous process of becoming. Creation is continuous.  I’m not referring to the God in the Torah, the Bible, or the Koran. That God is something of a shape shifter due to his, (usually he but sometimes with the help of she) direct involvement in war, politics the acquisition of subjects, territory, and at other times, paradoxically a judge of human behavior, and misbehavior. That is God created in our own image and likeness (or was it the other way around in some distant past when we were na├»ve victims of a cosmic invader that we wrongly mistook for the big boss creator, and we haven’t outgrown the influence of this early version, God 1.0. Perhaps that is why we ended up separating God from the labels accompanying the image.  We may have made up both the good and bad ones, but we got the idea somewhere. Don’t say psychology because that just begs the question. However, it makes no sense to attribute the creation of our world let alone the Cosmos to this shifty God. While on some level, we may have been made in the image and likeness of God or inferior low-resolution gods, our ancestry seems confused and tainted. I think it is easier to sort out if we recognize that there are layers of reality and time moves in two directions.

We humans are surprisingly mysterious creatures who also live in a holographic universe. The meaning of God in the holographic sense, is that we are all interconnected multi-dimensional pieces of God. “We are all related” is a Lakota Indian principle and it contains everything. If we zoom our mind beyond this earth, this vibrational dimension we find ourselves at the crossroad between now and the infinite. I pray often and yet there is a difference between the “help me” prayers and the prayers of tuning into that sweet powerful knowing that happens when I step across the border of ego-self and find myself in the company of my trans-dimensional family. I am at those times having a family reunion with those before me and sharing them with the world I’m on my way to meet. It gives another level to “we are all related.”

Today is the Fourth of July and the fireworks are going off in all directions. It terrifies the dogs and cats, maybe the wild rabbits, prairie dogs and coyotes, also.  All the torture comes from something they don’t understand. Imagine the effects of human war if you were an animal living in Ukraine right now. A terrorizing god that doesn’t take our limitations into consideration is the experience of many.  My Native American husband never watched fireworks. Now I understand why. There is more than one kind of light and fire, and it all depends on whether you are dishing it out or having it forced on you. In order for creation to transcend the lower plains, we must take our place as cosmic waves in the lake of becoming.

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  1. Second paragraph (to your point): We have to get over the idea that "God created the universe." It sets us entirely on the wrong track, which then takes on a momentum of its own. God did not create anything, because nothing ever did not exist. Nothing was created. Everything that was, and is, has always been. Hence, there is no death. "We" have always lived - just as there was "something" before the Big Bang which caused the Big Bang. Beginnings and endings are dangerous notions because they give impetus to fear-based ideas, prophesies, and philosophies as well as making us feel subordinate to an invisible "Creator." There is just God, and "we are that." -- This is the "hologram."