Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Lately I go to bed with a knot in my stomach as crazy scenes from a narrowly survived future rise to the surface after the lights go out and there is nothing to distract my attention. However, I don’t normally have a pessimistic view of the future. After all, I’ve survived this far and the future hasn’t been made yet and it has a good chance of balancing the past. I do believe that nature works toward balance and there are still a few cells aligned with Mother Nature in our human makeup. However, I’m also aware that things often get worse before they get better and my nerves are weary.

Perhaps paranoia comes in the night, but has it occurred to anyone else that Trump is our “so-called” president because malicious forces wanted him to make naïve and serious mistakes so that an even darker force could step in after he self-destructs? Just a thought!

We have not been without war since WII. Now, instead of a world war, we have wars all over the world. Who benefits, is a better question than who is right. News is now focusing on the Russian connection as if they are trying to make Trump prove that he isn’t pro-Russia. Nevertheless, Russia seems to be benefitting from the internal discord. Does anyone remember the principle, “divide and conquer.” What do our political parties actually represent? Do Democrats and Republicans have more significance than football teams competing with each other? Does anyone even know what these parties actually represent at this time beyond the natural human instinct to engage in competitive games? Most of us outsiders aren’t privy to the rules of engagement.
The blind men and the elephant.

Trump loved being in the news, outraging some of the public and “saying it like it is” for the rest. He loves attention, but is now challenged at every turn and may well be a kind of lackey for the real powers that hide safely in the shadows. The people who voted for Trump sadly recognized the government was not serving them, but they are still loyal to an idealistic propagandized version of America that this billionaire manipulator cannot possibly satisfy. He is riding now on the principles of cognitive dissonance. “People invested to a given perspective shall—when confronted with disconfirming evidence—expend great effort to justify retaining their challenged perspective.” Many of his supporters alter their loyalty to fit the circumstances.

A few minutes ago, while walking through the living room I caught a glimpse of what PQ was watching on TV. It was an old Nazi propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl on PBS. It is disturbing to realize that people are as vulnerable to propaganda as they were then and history is not an effective teacher, or perhaps no one learns history anymore.  Many intelligent, well-meaning people voted for Trump. I don’t believe he is a Hitler, but he is a deceiver. People wanted someone to fix their problems, the ones they can’t fix themselves having to do with a widening gap between the rich and poor, declining incomes, wars that never end and worsening terrorist scare tactics. They wanted someone who would give them confidence and safety and a stable income but this primed them to be uncritical of a person who had no respect for the truth or anything else, and who fed himself on the energy of their discontent. He was different-- not a career politician and he didn’t use euphemisms in his speeches, but he is a narcissistic snake oil salesman. He knew what people wanted and played to their hopes and fears for his own aggrandizement. It appears to be turning back on him, but is he really the primary culprit here?

The susceptibility of human nature to tough talk and deception is the leading theme in this drama.  Emotion is much stronger than logic. In fact, logic serves emotional desires and emotional desires are what any good salesman addresses.  America tends to be more than naïve about its history, but there is also a cognitive dissonance that comes through as denial. There is a lot of dark stuff in our history and we never were the shining castle on the hill. “Making America Great again” only feeds the national white hat fantasy. To be a nation and society deserving of admiration we would have to have enough maturity and wisdom to recognize our faults, delusions, and shame before karma hits us in the face.  Then there is the issue of who really runs the country. It may not be as hidden as it seems. It is the big money people. This isn’t about being rich; it is about having control of an artificial system that underlies all other systems. It is money, but in a particular role. Money is now cosmic! 

There is a deep insecurity about the money system. It is artificial and it is showing signs of being a Lego stack that has grown so high it is about to tumble into pieces. Money is not real wealth on a real planet. It is an artificial symbolic device of social dominance and control. Perhaps once it was convenient as a tool of trade one-step removed from the actual goods that support life. Control of life support has always been the preferred method of elite control over the general population but there is always a looming danger that the slaves will revolt. This is where deception comes in. It is important that they believe they can someday rise to a higher level and be a part of the elite group or at least live in comfort and respect. This hoax is on the verge of breaking down.

There is a problem with cognitive dissonance, it lives in all of us to some degree, and we are not conscious of the inner contradiction until something forces awareness by putting the contradiction in our face. Maybe its still too close to see.


  1. I wonder if we're all “cd” - cognitvely dissonant? I wonder if we're all unknowingly backing into a deconstruction of self... as in, “who do we think we are?” It isn't about the question but who it is asking the question – very Buddhist (and French). It's just that we're not ready for the arrival of that revelation – for the question to be pressed upon us. We're resisting it, and it shows up demonically in those we hate. Inconsistency is so uncomfortable that we strive to reduce the conflict in the easiest way possible. Maybe it isn't those we demonize who are cognitively impaired but those who expect consistency.
    Someone said that we're really not rationale animals, but “rationalizing” animals. I love Camus' observation that we spend our entire lives trying to convince ourselves that life isn't absurd. It's not to despair about (he opted not for suicide) but to ease into it in a more self-forgiving manner.
    The more pressing question is, do we have any other option?
    Instead of a regular peephole in the front door to see out, imagine a reverse peephole where we approach from the outside and look inward at ourselves. We are peering into our minds instead of looking outwards. It's part of the fourth dimension we're entering – maybe part of the “Aquarian” moment we didn't anticipate. Maybe Marilyn Ferguson was right long ago when she called it a “Conspiracy.” Little did she know....
    Echoes of Castanada? Remember the dream of Don Genero walking into the earth and turning upside down? Suddenly the tree roots were the trees themselves and the trees became the roots, and Genero's feet were touching where our feet were - like a mirror reflection. What's the difference between that and an inverted peephole?
    Sorry for getting so cryptic/abstruse. But, again, what option have we?
    In a far less abstract way, maybe we're cleaning our psychic house after all. That is, there are signs on the horizon (everywhere in the media, even with more and more Republicans) about Trump's mental condition. And his ties to Russia are forthcoming. Even Hillary (who isn't any better) is coming out from under her rock. Does that mean things are shifting inside our collective consciousness – that though reality truly is “absurd,” we can enjoy a moment or two of consistency again?
    Yes, “cd” - it “lives in all of us,” and it's just “too close to see.”
    Thanks for this piece. -- rick

    1. Thanks for the input. Although I read all of the Don Juan books more than once, I forgot that incident--a great incident in the tradition of the Sacred Clown who shows up our limitations in perception. When I was reading this I noticed that somehow I left out a paragraph that I have now added. I begins with,"The susceptibility of human nature and It was key to connecting the logic between the parts.