Saturday, December 3, 2016


I’m sitting in the sunny dining room of our friend Carol’s house. Outside the temperature is 60 degrees and sunny for the first time in several days. However, the weather isn’t important right now. It has been the total change of energy that invokes healing.  I’m thinking of the meaning of healing as more than a fix for something that is unwell but directed toward whole. Yet, whole is in process and never complete. This world is moving rapidly toward unmapped territory, always in process.

I’ve been watching Gaia TV, reading and doing lots of writing in my journal, not this computer.  Somehow, actual paper and pen are more organically appealing to my soul. I still read real paper books as well. They are physical things that can be touched and handled, and most importantly, I can write in the margins. I always use lead pencils in case I change my mind and alter the comments later. Here in Cottonwood, there is a finishing or deepening of whatever I begin in Taos.  I need both.

Cottonwood is a place where other vibrations leak through my aura and add dimension, color, and substance to the ghosts of perception that may have been haunting my mind for many months  while in Taos. Because of practical interruptions such as running a household, paying bills and keeping appointments ideas are often shelved and forgotten. 

We stay with our friend in Cottonwood, not Sedona although we love to visit Sedona. There is more peace here, and the calm of normality.  Still, I wonder if the earth energies are shifting in broad waves because both Taos and Sedona seem less sure than they once were. Of course, the inhabitants are dealing with more difficulty in managing day by day.   Perhaps a dimensional version of El Nino is moving our way.  I felt rumblings under the earth and then Donald Trump is President elect of the United States, perhaps another Wizard of Oz. While the earth undergoes changes in weather, the political world may also be on the brink of a great storm surge. Time for a change the public decides, any change will do, this is desperation.  Yet this too is history repeating itself.

Our species is hypnotized and under a spell. That’s the only explanation for the loss of even recent memory. Every four years Americans place their hope in a candidate’s promises and their hypnotic phrases seem to gain in power by repetition. Hypnotic phrases can be soothing drugs or stimulating drugs but their feel good effect provides enough satisfaction to keep one from questioning the truth of the phrase. It would seem that the more humans have to lose, the more likely they are to seek amnesia in the pleasant high of false promises. 

Having a great time but miss my kitty
Yesterday, as I approached a checkout stand at Walmart, A fresh faced, attractive young woman in uniform said to the checkout clerk, as she was leaving, “thank you for donating to the troops that are fighting for our freedom.” I suppose there are still some folks that believe that freedom is what our troops are fighting for, but this is one of those phrases and slogans that aren’t to be questioned,  just swallowed for the feel good buz.  There are many such phrases and slogans, such as, “land of the free, home of the brave”, “individuality is as American as apple pie”, or the “right of every man to individual  freedom,” “liberty and Justice for all.”  In practice they  are true oxymorons.  Individuality and freedom are not gifts that a country can give though it’s leaders can attempt to take them away. 

We may hope that Americans will awaken and see the true enemy and recognize that they are looking in a mirror and have betrayed themselves in their expectations.  Perhaps we just signed up for the real test that will sort us out as individuals. We are the country and its flaws and sorrows are ours. 

I just started sorting my thoughts on this topic.  I have been guilty of ignoring the political picture because politics has been an empty word in my experience. However, I’m beginning to see that the overwhelming problems facing the world and our country are the result of not paying attention and allowing greedy, power hungry individuals to rule behind the scenes while their minions  are elected because they can lure us down the yellow brick road with meaningless slogans. 


  1. Two thoughts: first, that the president is the perfect mirror of the weather, and visa versa – tumultuous, unpredictable, erratic, and unwelcome. It's as if it's a storm within us and we are the ones creating both simultaneously. Consciously we create one to (hopefully) mend the other; unconsciously, we symbiotically create one to perpetuate the other - because, as you say, we are preparing for a “storm surge,” history must repeat itself, our species is “hypnotized,” and we still seek anodynes. It is the “more dimensional version of El Nino.”
    My second thought is the reaction I personally have listening to someone in uniform using a familiar cliché or slogan to elicit a “feel good” moment. How comforting it is for the individual, how complacent, and how utterly “safe.” For me I feel anger, resentment, and even personal insult. I'm not sure why, and I don't know why others do not. Most seem better prepared to assimilate and accommodate such blindness. Not that I would verbally challenge her and create a nasty scene; I would most likely walk away. But I'm boiling mad inside, and I carry that “insult” around inside me for some time to come. Instinctively I want to “do something.”
    What may help to explain it is that I sense she knows more than anyone that she's lying, she "knows" it's a con (at some deep level), but has pledged to defend and uphold its indoctrination and rhetoric. And it doesn't stop there. She expects us all to follow suit – “all together now!” It's the worst form of hubris fringing on fascism.
    George Carlin used to say that he was comfortable around individuals, but not groups. You have to be careful around groups, he said, because they all too often sacrifice their individuality for a “cause.” And before you know it “they begin wearing uniforms and funny little hats.”

    1. There is something about mass consciousness or (unconsciousness) that is comforting. Perhaps its our primate background or safety in numbers. I believe that some people genuinely feel virtuous in defending or representing the military. That they have accepted a politically convenient lie as a genuine threat is the hypnotized part. It's complicated but after constant bombardment with propaganda in the form of TV and movies since early childhood and the natural tendency of all children to idealize their parents and leaders as someone to emulate, the cult of youth exposes its greatest weakness. Perhaps our country has reached a self generated crisis to "kick us up a notch" to misquote chef Emeril Lagassi.

  2. Good piece, Marti. Gurdjieff put it this way when he said people are asleep. That was almost 100 years ago. People wake up or at least kick themselves when it's too late.

    1. Gurdjieff was right. I sometimes wonder if the greatest weakness of our species is our tendency to fall into a trance the way chickens do when they catch the piercing eye of a hawk.