Monday, June 1, 2015


Here we are in Cottonwood and we’ve been here since May 19. We expected to go back to Taos last Friday but PQ was very sick. Now we are both sick. Apparently, we were supposed to be quiet and avoid running around. Thus, we didn’t do any of the things that we normally do but we did some things we normally don’t do. We tried out a Persian restaurant last week and today (Sunday) we tried a Greek restaurant in Old Town. Both were very good. Oh yes, there was a coffee shop/bakery that was also good but that was sometime last week and already seems long ago. That is how time is lately, jumbled, and although I look at the calendar, I can’t keep the days in order. Tonight is a full moon and the night air is very soft and soothing. I walk outside in my bare feet every few minutes to repair my bearings as an earthling. Yup, the moon is still where I’m used to seeing it. 

Coffee, Tea, Pastry and Songbirds
Taos can be an intense energy and it seems that we really needed a break. Well, I know we needed a break. You can lose your compass in Taos and forget who you are because there are always dramas here or there. They pop up like miniature geysers. We had planned to look for a little house we could rent but haven’t seen a listing for anything we can afford. My dis-eased body has probably influenced me today, but the reality is that we can’t afford anything right now. After paying first, last, security deposit and renting a U-Haul, we would be completely strapped to the credit card people for life and all would come to the same sorry end as our last effort to live here did, but we had more resources then. PQ is always optimistic and believes it will come out right side up, and I’m thinking that if this actually is what we should do the way will reveal itself.

PQ singing to the birds.
This is all a complicated way of saying we are at an impasse. I’m blank about the future, and this is probably where spirit wants me to be. Sometimes our human idea of what constitutes a meaningful life and where to live it is way out of date or something is changing up the road that we don’t know about. Maybe a rock fell from the canyon wall during the last storm and waits for us on the road as we come around the bend. I had this happen once, and I fortunately thought of that possibility just before that curve where fate was hiding. It pays to listen to intuition.

Ironically, a grounded approach is the best way to launch into space or the unknown. I’m emphasizing this because my tendency is to leap off the edge and hope for the best. PQ thinks I’m overly careful about money and taking chances but the truth is I’m actually trying to guard against my usual way of launching and hoping that maybe it will work out. OK, I’m confused. We are possibly at a crossroad and maybe the ground under our feet is tired of being walked on. 

In the meantime, we enjoy watching the mini-drama outside every morning whether here in Cottonwood or in Taos. The critters both winged and four legged have their own dramas and struggles. Yesterday, two lizards almost trapped a small snake between them but it successfully escaped beneath the rocks.  The mourning dove couple is doing the best they can even though the female has a broken leg, and the squirrels are aggressively harvesting mesquite seeds. We hope this satisfies them because otherwise they will eat our friend’s flowers. This won’t be on the news. Humans are very species-centric.

The plan is to go to Taos tomorrow but we need to get a headlight replaced before hitting the road. I’m not going to promise anything. The moon has to pass over Saturn to be full this month. Expect delays and Karmic trip-ups. Your plans will be challenged, especially if they don’t come from the intuitive heart.

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  1. It sounds like the critters are trying to tell you both something... the snake escaping from the two lizards (the two of you WILL escape the perils before you)...Dove couple with broken leg (PQ and you with illness, but STILL moving forward)... the squirrels are you two continuously and aggressively coming up with solutions for the future days to come.

    Signs are everywhere for you, it seems. I know you both will move forward with GRACE and GRATITUDE... as you always have.

    I send you both SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH LOVE this day...
    Deborah Kay