Thursday, June 28, 2012


Coming or going, where is the present?

 The experts of soul say we should live in the present. 

I can’t find a present just the going back and forth between past and future. 

 Not even a nano-second can hold such a thin slice of time.

 It’s like the fly weaving frantically around the kitchen too fast for my flyswatter. 

 Maybe I’ll stick with what can catch me, the past and future.

I’ve reached a phase of life where time shatters and it’s hard to remember what pieces go where. Did that pot of marigolds sit in the same corner of the patio last year? Is it already July? But it seems like Sunday, are you sure it’s really Thursday?  When did we last change oil in the car? Damn, I thought our appointment was next Thursday! 

Ok, I’m getting old, I know that but I really think there is more going on than a lack of schedule plus memory loss.  This is a new universe and it’s intriguing. It’s a shame I have to be pinned to a board with all those practical earth-bound notes trying vainly to hold me to a present that doesn’t exist.  As soon as clock and calendar lose their authority, anything can happen. Bring it on!

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